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Clifton Hampden Longbow society

Clifton Hampden Longbow Society

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The day after new Year`s day shoot!

Well, that was worth waiting an extra day for. Wall to wall sunshine and a refreshing chilly edge. Great attendance and some surprise results, like Marek walking off with three of the prizes just to build on the new PB he had yesterday. Well done Marek!
Black Knight got his usual pasting while red knight got off more lightly, apart from getting his pom pom shot off.
The left handed shoot was the usual laugh with many arrows falling short, but Virgil FAB managed to overshoot the mark by about another hundred yards.
Blindfold shoot caused more amusement, especially when someone suggested it should not be shot into the sun as it would be hard to see!!!
King`s target , won by Mark 4 Cortina who nailed the outer edge of the target at 140 yards.
All in all it was a very enjoyable morning. well done all those winning prizes and better luck next year those who didn`t

Re: The day after new Year`s day shoot!

Well done everyone i really enjoyed the shoot today what a great day

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