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Field shoot at windrush.

I have had an email from Mike Pritchard at Windrush bow club, with an invitation to our members to shoot with them on Sunsay 12th February at their Field shooting ground. For those unfamiliar, "Field" is shot actually in semi woodland, at targets representing wild boar,deer, foxes, rabbits etc: Normally shot with compound bows that shoot through the middle, it can also be shot with longbows although bring your oldest arrows because you may well lose one or two. I am trying to establish how many of our members would like to attend as I need to let Mike know numbers and names. Like us, they charge a small shoot fee for non members. Can you let me know ASAP if you would like to go, and I will provide more details re: getting there, times etc: later. I am hoping for a reciprocal visit from Windrush to shoot marks at our ground later in the season.

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