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Clifton Hampden Longbow Society

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Black Prince. At the marks, at speed, in the Cloth Of Gold.

Another fine performance from CHLS members at the Black Prince shoot at Yattendon , March 11th and 12th.Once again, the major trophies were taken by CHLS on what started out to be a damp and miserable day.Results as follows:

Spinner 1st at the Marks with 94 points.
Spinner 1st In the Cloth of gold. 29 yards.
Emma 1st for the ladies at the marks with 84 points.
Emma 1st for the ladies in the cloth of gold. 219 yards.
Mark H 1st in the speed shoot with 26 points.
Chris 3rd at the marks with 77 points.
some members will need an extra wall soon in order to display all the certificates. Very well done all!!

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