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Clifton Hampden Longbow society

Clifton Hampden Longbow Society

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100 Club badges.

The following members are awarded merit badges for PBs achieved over 100 points.

Ed PB 148 Black badge for PBs over 140
Spinner PB 136. Purple badge for PBs over 130.
Dave B PB 124. Red badge for PBs over 120.
Biscuit PB 110 Blue badge for PBs over 110

Richard W 108
Pete M 108
Ray U/wood107
Steve M 105
Marc P 105.

All above receive green badges for PBs over 100.

Ray Underwood will receive his badge by post if we can get his address in Spain, as a lifetime honorary member.

Appropriate badges will be awarded from now on as members gain PBs over 100.
Gold to go for. The badge for 150 plus. Difficult? Ed is only two points away.

Re: 100 Club badges.

Glad to hear I have a badge. Don't worry about posting it. We will be over end of May. Congratulations everyone. Well done

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