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Windrush bow club field shoot. 14th May.

Earlier this year, we were invited to attend a flight shoot with Windrush Bow Club, which was duly added to our fixture. I have contacted Mike Pritchard for directions and start time etc: Our own shoot will be on as usual, but it would be nice to have a representation of members to go. No more than about eight I would think, although a few more might be possible. We have had a few of their members visit our shoot in the past, but we have never had a return visit Could those interested please let me know so I have an idea of numbers. I will let you know location/start time as soon as I have it.

Re: Windrush bow club field shoot. 14th May.

It is field they shoot, isn't it Pete? Not flight.

Re: Windrush bow club field shoot. 14th May.

Yes! field shooting Ed. Cut out targets representing deer, rabbits, three toed sloths etc: Please note date change to 21st May.

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