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Target Archery.

Yes, I know its a dirty word, or accurately two words, Yuk! And I am definitely with you on that one. But I am in the course of trying to set up target archery under the umbrella of Clifton Hampden Sports and social club as they would like to make better use of the recreation ground with a greater variety of sports. This is not a diversion from what we do, more another string to the bow, (excuse pun). I already have an offer of finance for essential safety equipment such as backstop net and tabs/arm guards etc: and I am now just waiting to hear from the Parish Council whether or not insurance cover will come under the sports and social club policy. That will indicate one way or another how much I need to charge as a shoot fee. I am also trying to gauge local interest. Sessions will be one evening per week, probably on Thursdays 0r Fridays. I am also trying to find someone who knows a bit about this type of archery as I know very little. I already have a bit of moral support from Ken Chrisp, who teaches archery at Berinsfield sports centre.
There is another motive attached to this, which is that many people wanting to take up archery are drawn primarily to target shooting, but some of these might graduate in time to us for the serious stuff. Also, it gives the odd opportunity for any of our members to have a go at targets once in a while if they wish. Also, if we get Friday evenings, the bar is open on the rec first Friday of each month.

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