South Pacific Shipping
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Owners: m.s. "Rangitata" Ecomar-Schiffahrts GmbH & Co. KG
Operators: South Pacific Shipping 1992 - 1998

IMO 8509014
GRT: 3,412
Net: 1,628
Dwt: 4,104
Length overall: 95.97
Beam: 16.24
Draught: 6.350
Built: 1985
Builders: Heinrich Brand Schiffswerft GmbH & Co. KG, Oldenburg
Holds: 1 50.4m
Hatches: 1 50.3 x 12.6
Cranes: 2 x 40 tons
TEU: 323
Engines: Oil 4SA 6Cy. 450 x 550 with flexible couplings & sr geared to screw shaft. 2,718bhp by MaK
Service speed: 14 knots

Names History
As built: Christa Thielemann
1989: Nedlloyd Shuttle
1991: Christa Thielemann
1992: Rangitata
1998: Einswarden
1998: Emma

Rangitata was the longest serving ship in the SPS fleet, entering service at Sydney in July 1992 and was at Melbourne when the axe fell in January 1998. She was arrested and detained at Melbourne.
For the majority of her SPS service, she was engaged in their Southern Service and was a busy little ship with a rotation of Bluff-Port Chalmers-Timaru-Lyttelton-Wellington-Nelson-New Plymouth-Sydney-Melbourne-Bluff. She did one complete trip about every 3 weeks. Towards the end, she was shifted north and was on the Melbourne Shuttle service (Auckland-Tauranga-Melbourne) when the Company collapsed.
She is still in service as Emma on a weekly run out of Rotterdam to ports on the Norwegian coast.


Emma left the NCL (North Sea Container Line) service in early February 2013 and after docking at Damen Shipyard sailed via Lisbon, Las Palmas and Durban (28 April), ending up in Zanzibar around 7 May 2013. She has been renamed CISL Leene, flying the Tanzanian flag and owned by Coastal International Shipping Line with Ship Manager as Norba Shipping.