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The following reports were posted on the original NZ Coastal Shipping Forum on the dates shown for each:


1 July 2016:
Torea is being replaced by the newbuild tanker Matuku. She is currently on her last coastal voyage, Marsden Point (dep 27 Jun)-Wellington (30 Jun-1 Jul)-New Plymouth (2 Jul)-Marsden Point (arr 4 Jul) and is due to leave NZ on 6 July for Australia.

6 July 2016:
I note on AIS tonight that Torea - currently berthed at Marsden Point - has been reflagged from New Zealand to Singapore.
She is due to sail for Australia at 0800 7 July.

Interestingly, Equasis has her registered owner as Nyathi Ltd., c/o Silver Fern Shipping Ltd., Wellington, since 31 December 2010.

9 July 2016:
Torea sailed at 0918 7 July for Botany Bay.

I received the following report from Mike Pryce on 7 July:

Coastal tanker TOREA sailed from Marsden Point this morning, bound for Botany Bay, then Bulwer Island refinery, Brisbane, with a cargo of heavy fuel oil, flying Singaporean flag, and already listed as having reverted to Unicorn Shipping management. (ASP are managing/manning at present.)
Thence to Singapore in ballast for redelivery.
Second new coastal tanker due about October 2017, no name decided yet.

13 August 2016:
Torea arrived at Singapore on 30 July and anchored just inside the Port Limits south of Pulau Pawai.
Moved to Sembawang shipyard on 9 August, where presumably she will be docked and re-named.

27 August 2016:
Moved from Sembawang 24 August @ 1619 to Singapore anchorage arr. 1839.

Still named Torea.


She was finally renamed TM Hai Ha 568 in December 2017 and is currently trading in the Asian area.