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Re: The sincerest form of flattery?

I hate to have to write this, but in the last 48 hours or so the plot, as they say, has thickened. It's disgusting, nauseating, vomitous, perverted. There probably are more synonyms in my thesaurus. They all apply.

According to posts on Shocklines and in The Rusty Nail, a certain individual has taken stories by Ferrel D. Moore, whom we publish, and Lisa Morton, whom we haven't yet, and submitted them under his own name to various magazines and ebook publishers, presenting them as his own work. It's called plagiarism. The evidence that this has in fact occurred is overwhelming. Sadly, although we have not published this individual, we have published something he edited. Although this volume--Crimson Screams--appears to be in proper shape, it's likely that the editor's name will now taint it and reduce the likelihood of sales.

The name of the individual mentioned in the Shocklines forum as a plagiarist is David Byron, aka David Boyer [apparently his real name], aka Iron Dave, Leo Wolfe, and probably several others.

Next week I will send an e-mail round to all SDP editors and project editors, instructing them in this matter. I would like to do it right away, but I do have a convention coming up, and next week is the earliest I can get to it. In the meantime, I hope all SDP editors and project editors will read this post and put two and two together. I would strongly recommend that anyone associated with this individual under any and all of his names dissociate him- or herself immediately.

I will continue to try to sell Crimson Screams, if only to recoup some of my investment. This however should not be taken to mean that I approve of or condone Byron's/Boyer's/Wolfe's actions. I hope that's clear.

Sorry. I wish I had better news. Sam's Dot is doing quite well this year, I'm happy to say, and I expect some increases in pay rates will be announced for 2011. But right now, I'm just...pissed. It's not easy, managing a small indie, and people like what's-his-name just make it that much more difficult. And I'll stop now, before I turn this into a rant.

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