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I Agree

I saw this on the internet...

"A bad manager can take a good staff and destroy it, causing the best employees to flee and the remainder to lose motivation."

How true in both the union and salary sides of it. Running a company with an iron fist has results that are anti-productive.Those in charge are usually so full of themselves with the power that they are blind to the actual results. Micro-managing has the same effect. Those put in charge just do not get it and that is why 90% of the work force cannot wait to leave or retire. It was never like that before. When you have guys that have never been disciplined over long careers and come to work every day and give it their all and THEY are P.O.'ed, then somebody in management is doing something wrong. I've even recently had a contractor make a comment expressing similar views. Stop trying to make your mark managers by re-inventing the wheel, you're just ticking people off and making it a miserable place to work.
(of course salary people would never speak their mind in fear of losing their jobs and that to is unfortunate)