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nothing like getting disrespected by your employer. I guess they don't think employees should enjoy their job. wanting productivity is fine, totally disrespecting your people is another. let's see how they treat their employees come contract time. and to put hard workers out of work when not needed is sad. it's been proven time and time again that the contractors do shabby work. not to mention that our contract says they have to go first. disrespect. honoring the contract was part of the deal when they bought us. and to think, they send US to the code of ethics meetings. ha ha ha. practice what you preach!

Re: respect

I'm not in your Union but am very close by you guys (yes, I do like checking your site from time to time)and can see that these people are not very honorable. What is transpiring of late is sad to see. Didn't you guys send a letter of recommendation supporting the sale to the BPU? I believe you did, and this is the thanks you get. I understand the business part of it but what's going on here comes down to morality. I just hope karma is working overtime for them. My name is ommitted for obvious reasons but who knows, I may be walked out the door on any given day myself. No way to live or most of all, treat people. Best of luck to you all (and me)

Re: respect

Hmmm, might be time to see how they adhere to their own code of ethics. Time to put them under the microscope. As "T" said, "practice what you preach". Just because they are the employer does'nt mean they should'nt live by their own rules right? I have'nt seen it yet. Interpreting a contract to suit your needs when you know damm well what it REALLY means is not ethical. Thanks for posting "holdinmyjob" I think most of us agree with you. Feel free to blow off steam here anytime. At least WE won't fire you for having an entitled opinion. Most of your co-workers are scared to have one. They(AGL)don't realize that this ship isn't sailing straight and the first ones they blame are the workers. Problems have been pointed out on NUMEROUS occassions with nothing getting corrected. Same operating problems remain. I once said that they got rid of many good supervisors that knew the problems and how to fix them. It was'nt their faults NUI would'nt take their advice. The same seems to apply here. If they open their mouths, they labeled not a "TEAM" player(Oh God! If I hear that corporate word one more time!). Good luck to all in this new set up. To quote a Clint Eastwood line,"There a legend in THEIR own minds".

Re: respect

Hmmmmmmm, I wonder what Michael would have to say about the commitment this company has to us. After all the Bull S**T that was rammed down out throats last winter at the Plaza for 3 days...Do you think he still wants to be a "leaf" ??...hmmmmm I wonder ...

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