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The Downsizing of Elizabethtown Gas

Today was one of the most messed up days of my career with the company. People lost their jobs today because the company lacks respect for us and our contract. Even with the streamlining of the company, which I can understand, I don't know why more thought wasn't put into the employee count (somebody miscalculated)or wait until Nov 21st. It would have been the fair and honorable thing to do. We are now understaffed. The works not getting done (and not for lack of trying) and the customers are angry. We need more bodies. The job count they expect is un-attainable. We would be getting rid of safety for production. We do not work with water here people! Obviously none of the decision makers have ever been in a building full of gas. Nor have they investigated a gas leak. And to think, they're telling us to cut down on our leak investigation times. Oh Brother!They're going to expect us to work tons of overtime to get the work done. I never minded OT when we were backlogged in the past, especially in winter, because they were isolated times. The way it is now, we are backlogged EVERYDAY. I have a family with young children and I love watching them grow up. I missed my sons championship hockey game because I was working and my daughter is a special needs child. I want to be with them as much as possible. Yes, the OT days were isolated situations that I dealt with. Now (and take it from someone who has built schedules) wait and see the hours they will expect from us on top of an inhumane schedule. When short staffed, the schedule will suck...guaranteed. When we heard that NUI was going to be sold almost all of us were excited. That is not the case anymore. We all would like to see the company do well because it benefits us as well. But to expect us to give up a large part of our personal lives is unfair. Yeah, some of the guys like to work OT every chance they get. I don't know their personal situations just mine, and mine (for now) allows me to be with my family and friends. THAT and helping the needy is what I really enjoy. NOT gas rodeos. Not most weekends away from my family. And NOT most nights away from them either.
To those who lost your jobs today, I'll miss most of you (except you 2 or 3 weak Union members and you know who you are!). It's been a pleasure to work with you and I wish you all the best of luck. But mostly what I wish for is that THIS COMPANY COMES TO IT SENSES AND BRINGS YOU BACK BECAUSE WE...NEED...BODIES HERE!
Keep in touch J, Coz, Shack, Frank B, Joel(I know, it's Jo-El), Harvey, Kenny, John G, Vic, Charlie, and the rest. Peace All. - Larry

Re: The Downsizing of Elizabethtown Gas

Very Nice post Larry,
These were not just co-workers
But Friends.People who have family
and Bills out the ass.AGL seems to careless
about Family,Hell Look at Eric The Hick from Texas.
He would go back and fourth To TX and NJ.So They see
family as part time and AGL as 48+hrs.To everyone
that left or were Bumped out, I wish you the best
and I will keep sending you sick E-mails as allways I will miss you all.I hope you the best
And Myself and family is thinking about all of you.
(or most of you

Re: The Downsizing of Elizabethtown Gas

I maybe gone today but i have to give Kudos to every man that walked into the bumping room.

We went in there with our heads held high, and came out the same way (actually we had some laughs too) and Larry Brown teated me to a Steak and eggs breakfast( bless his heart)

It was a big relief to leave there today after the stress this company put us under. i feel like Jay Trebenbacher and Larry Brown were lifted off my shoulders..I feel as if i can breath again, even the atmosphere in my home changed for the better.

I dont envy any of the men that are working there now. You guys are going to have a big fight on your hands come November. I will continue to go to the union meetings ( even if I have to pay a cover charge), i have to know the out come of this situation. I will stand with you guys till the end.
Today we didnt leave a company behind it was all our friends that we left there standing in the hall waiting to punch out. Speaking for myself i will miss the comradery of it all...

P.S. The chick from unemployment had a great ass man..ask anyone who was there, even Sandy was checking her out

Re: The Downsizing of Elizabethtown Gas

P.S Larry ...Love Ya man...thanks for the phone call tonight...

Re: The Downsizing of Elizabethtown Gas

No problem Coz. They can remove bodies from the company but they can't remove frienships. Glad to hear you sounded less stressed. Prior to yesterday I can tell you were. That is no way to live. I even feel sorry for some management/salary people that are cool. It's rough wondering everyday when you come to work if that is your last day or not (see holdinmyjob's post). It's a form of mental abuse I'd say. And that's a shame. Ya know what I'd like to see from Corporate America? Just once I'd like someone from a company come down to the workers or even send a personal letter saying how they are sorry that they had to lay you guys off but in the best interest of the company they feel this must be done. And wish you all the best. I guess rocker Bob Seger worked for Corporate America at one time also. That's why he wrote the tune "Feel like a number"...."I feel like just another, spoke in a great big wheel, like a tiny blade of grass in a great big field, I feel like a number, I'm not a number.....". Peace all.

Re: The Downsizing of Elizabethtown Gas

Today was our first day back in
meter reading and our army of 14
was only 11 Two guys were out
sick and 1 on vac day.So as you know
NOTHING is getting done.AGL cracks me up.
1st they say "Reading the meters are #1 right now"
So what do they do cut the dept down 10 people
after 24 people could not do all of the work.
NUI bad or not had over 30 guys working in that dept.
And yes our two 58yr+ Meter readers are still here

Hell it was only $104,000 cash she left

Re: The Downsizing of Elizabethtown Gas

You guys can't get to your work due to no bodies, they have the street dept doing turn-ons when there are many leaks that need to be repaired ("Classified" is another word for rolling the dice and hoping nothing blows up), responders are running around like chickens without heads, and customers are pissed off because they wait and wait and wait and wait (a responder told me one waited 10 days to get the gas turned on!). Great time to reduce the workforce pencil pushers! And what are these guys from Georgia doing? The only changes I've noticed is for the worse. Seriously. I'm not just taking a shot at them. Since AGL took over the company is run way worse than when d***head Junior was in charge. What's that tell you?! They are looking to the wrong people as the problem.

Re: The Downsizing of Elizabethtown Gas

now thats what i call a bda attitude with TRUTH.....

Dont worry guys...Paula will fix it ...

Re: The Downsizing of Elizabethtown Gas

It is sad what has happened at ETG. As a former 20 year employee let go by the Wicked Witch of the South and her flying monkeys - Martinez, Carter and Woods - it is hard to believe that the NJBPU allows all the layoffs to happen! Aren't the customers complaining to the BPU? The NUI debacle and AGL are the laughing stocks of the utility industry!!! Local #424 has to take a stand and stick with it! This paper/virtual company that AGL runs here in NJ is a sham! Good Luck folks!