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What's Changed?

Other than AGL reducing the workforce, what has changed from the way they operate and the way NUI did? I do not see many differences. At least NUI knew they were f'ed up. AGL thinks they are great when they are not at all. Same problems throughout and nobody changing anything. They do have a few people who seem to care but just do not have the power to change things much. They should stop flexing their muscles at the Union so much and concentrate on getting the job done. Zero tolerance is not a good policy. At least NUI was fair when it came to discipline. AGL just wants to fill everyone's folders with negative letters whenever possible.
They should also do background checks on their manangement people here at E'town to see what experience they have, Quite a few are not very intelligent or good motivators. Who picks these people!? Answer, Agl management on the advice of old e'town managment people pushing for their friends?

Re: What's Changed?

NUI never changed an outside gas meter and left it off when the customer was not home. Especially on a Friday or Saturday. All they leave the customer is a message on the weekend saying "Our normal business hours are Monday- Friday....". NO GAS FOR YOU GOOD PAYING CUSTOMER!
That's pretty lame. Meter changes before customer service. All to just get rid of us. We are not the problem. Operations are.