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Just great! Another American company outsourcing to another country. You should be proud of yourselves AGL. Can't you ever go against the grain and do something that's good for OUR country? If everyone did what your doing we would be in a whole heap of trouble. Except for the fat cat execs who do not have to worry since they are ALWAYS taken care of. Shame on you for no guilt! And don't give me that "It's a business decision" crap! We're fed up with that one to!


How did all the federal and state regulatory agencies allow AGL to move the Call Center and Distribution System Mapping to India? Didn't they give a thought to all this mapping info getting into terrorists hands? God, the NJBPU nixes the PSEG & Exelon merger but they let all those good NJ utility jobs at ETG go down the tubes thru layoffs. AGL is just raping NJ for profits. And the regulators won't admit to making a mistake.