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Now THIS is Publicity for AGL

During a murder trial here in NJ the following was played in court:

"(Deceased name) voice also was heard in court Wednesday in what prosecutors have said is the last know record of him being alive.
It was a run of the mill call to Elizabethtown Gas to have service shut down at his home on (street address) in Woodbridge on April 28, 2004 in anticipation of a move to a new home in Warren County. The call started with a complaint.
"Oh my God" (Deceased name) said as he expressed his frustration over being placed on hold for more than 25 minutes. The voice of the Elizabethtown customer service representative held little in the way of apology.
Through his frustration, (thee deceased) maintained his courtesy, however clipped."
-Written by Ken Serrano
-Newark Star Ledger Staff Writer

We try and tell them about these problems but they think we're just making this stuff up. Glad to see it in writing. We're not just Union guys bitching about every little thing. We DO care about customer's, the way they are treated, and the quality of service they get. AGL may get workers cheaper, but it costs alot more in the long run. Just because someone was put in a high position does not mean they make the right choices. They're just good at convincing the other Kool-Aide drinkers that they are right. You can believe it or not.
7 more lay offs? It's time to fight back ladies and gentlement!

Re: Now THIS is Publicity for AGL

Although that call took place prior to AGL buying the company, those same problems still occur. There was a conference call today in regards to the outsourcing of the call center to India. Of course it stated that all was great and there have been no complaints. It's great when you can edit the material your going to present to your employees isn't it? One of our guys had an Indian customer complain about the Indians on the phone. That says it all. Don't believe everything they tell you it's a "Brave New World".