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No Respect

The following e-mail was sent company wide by Mr. Martinez on 4/18/07.

From: Eric Martinez, Executive Vice President, Utility Operations

Elizabethtown Gas Election Results
On Monday, April 9th, a group of commercial office representatives and meter schedulers at Elizabethtown Gas voted to decertify their long-time union representative, the Communication Workers of America (CWA), Local 1023. The vote to decertify the CWA was nearly unanimous. As a result of the vote, these employees will have the opportunity to work directly with the Company on important workplace issues.
John Somerhalder, Hank Linginfelter, Don Carter, and the rest of the ETG management team – all of us are proud of the vote of confidence these employees have given the Company and themselves. We are looking forward to taking the next steps with these employees at ETG.
This union decertification marks the third time in 11 months that employees have chosen to work directly together with management to create the working environment they want. It’s a trend that I believe is bringing tremendous benefits to both our employees and the Company. All of these employees have given us a chance to prove to them that we can successfully work together.
I want to publicly thank the ETG employees who have given themselves and the Company this opportunity.

Union Member Comment

Brother & Sisters of Local 424,
After yet another propaganda laced e-mail sent out by Mr. Martinez, the need was felt for a response. AGL does not like unions. Not a profound statement at all since we all know that now. Although, going by their pre-NUI purchase meetings/speeches with us we would never have guessed that.
What Mr. Martinez did not say in his most recent chest thumping e-mail was how much more for benefits management and retiree’s pay (from FLA. To NJ), nor did he mention that two of the locals that decertified had a grand total of under 30 people.
I feel that the upper management of AGL (Mr. Martinez in particular) has their sights on the other locals in AGL’s companies as well. He and the AGL management have shown us their true colors. They do not want harmony, they have shown no harmony, and if they had their wish of no unions at all there would be no harmony. This is unfortunate since we have been abiding by the contract that we agreed to. The same cannot be said for AGL.
This companies bullying & fear tactics of the past several years has given us great insight on just how good we would be treated. Sure, ask the folks that just decertified how they are being treated and they will tell you good. But I feel that is only because they want the other locals in their sights to see that. If there ever came a day when there were no Unions here, then you would see the “Working environment” that they want. He tries to sell his propaganda as to how better off someone will be without a Union, but do not be fooled, history (his in particular) has shown that will not be the case. They have even gone after our members who have little or no history of discipline, accidents or the like. So if you think your safe without a union, your not. One mistake could cost you your job.
We are a local that works hard, does not ask for a lot, and are willing to work out issues with the company for the sake of the customers, employees, and business. We have tried hard to work with them only to be slapped in the face on many occasions. As stated on our web site, “It all comes down to decency”. I imagine that AGL disagrees.