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Tacoma Trucks, Outsourcing, AGL Stocks

Here is another example of someone making decisions that has never been on the road. Those things just don't hold enough materials and what is in them is too cramped for one truck. As the old saying goes: 10 lbs of crap in a 5 lb bag. Resale value my ass. How about letting the employees who are on the road drive what they feel is best. It's ALWAYS about money here...and buying foreign vehicles (the money goes back to Japan).....and sending American jobs to India....and execs (Eric "don't call me Mar-tee-nez" Martinez)going around the country promoting sending American jobs overseas. They may think they are great, but they are not a great company for America. SELL! SELL! SELL!
Time to kick it up a notch ladies & gentlemen

Re: Tacoma Trucks, Outsourcing, AGL Stocks

Any word on replacement trucks? This fine American truck is getting a bit tired up in these hills.

Re: Tacoma Trucks, Outsourcing, AGL Stocks

As far as I know the trucks for us are on hold. I don't want to mis-quote but I think there was a problem with the fitting/racks on them that needs to be addressed. A trailer of new trucks has come into GL but I was told they are for supervisions use.
Personally I was hoping they would re-consider and change to an American made vehicle(See Chevy). Parts & assembly are USA.
Hope this answers your question.
Feel free to contact me any time with questions
I'll answer if I can.