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Abandoned !

Brothers and Sisters: Many customers are realizing that they got a bad deal, not being understood on the phone to being abandoned in the winter when equipment breaks down. There is a contractor list for referrals that leaves a lot to be desired.I spoke to a few of these guys and all they want to do is installations NO adjustments NO repairs. Thats were the money is installs not service. They will tell you, "I'm not going into those bad areas to fix anything". During a three winter day holiday they're nowhere to be found, a recording was left. Only folks that get service live in affluent neighborhoods, and to think of all those years that were spent promoting conversions from oil to gas. Ethics, please! Remember 15-20 yrs ago ETG would say "provide good service everyday, they'll tell their neighbors, and they'll convert to gas". Having that service (hands-on) exposure allowed the business to grow it kept gas equipment safe. A hard built reputation is being outsourced to the contractors(installers) as well.
Many of us find it difficult to refer elderly customers away, especiall when told "But I've done business with your company for 30 years, service is why I converted"
The fuel oil companies are laughing at our customers now " told you so" they're saying.

I am well aware that management, investors,the BPU staff, the MEDIA, non-union employees, fuel oil companies, other locals, the coalition of contractors and the most important OUR CUSTOMERS visit this message board.

And still, customers and employees are waiting.

Re: Abandoned !

Remember "We just want to sell gas"? Well that's all they are doing. They do not care about the customer or employees (although it seems some efforts are now being made), just the bottom line. And that may be good for them if it were working. The customers are indeed angry and to get them back on AGL's side the company should start servicing them again. They say that appliance repair was losing money. Well, as we all now know, the numbers can be manipulated to show whatever they want them to show. It would have been nice to have had a fair chance to show what appliance repair can do, unfortunately, that was not the case. The Company, employees and customers could have all benefitted. Just because someone is at a level in the company that enables them to make decisions, does not mean they always make the right ones. But of course none of them will admit to that or make needed changes when a mistake is made. It unfortunate for all involved. On another matter, it is good to see that the company realizes the strained relationship that Mr. Martinez has caused between this Union and the Company. Hopefully, with them now working with our leaders to mend the wounds caused by him, we can build a better relationship. That will benefit everyone involved. We are all here for the same purpose. To make money, keep the customers happy, and have productive employees (ones who love their jobs and the environment they work in).
Let us keep forging ahead in a positive manner.