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work related injuries

Check this out.While at work last march during a noreastern storm i exited my van when a gust of wind slammed the door on my finger.I noticed my finger was bleeding and required stitches. I went to the medi merge and had my finger stitched up.I had 14 stitches in said finger and was advised that I should not work for 5-9 days.Now me being a good agl soldier I begged off the time off and returned to work only to recieve my ipo and informed that i partially met my requirements due to this injury, so much for dedication, how about a coworker of mine that was stung by a bee and recieved the same nonesence on his review.Does anyone have any thoughts on this.

Re: work related injuries

Uh, maybe it doesn't pay to be "a good AGL soldier" then wouldn't you say? It's an American company, and like American companies of today, they are hardly ever fair to their employees anymore. There is more wrong with the setup of that ipo than you or they realize. Yes, it is more money than our former employer gave as a bonus, but if you're going to have an ipo then have one that evaluates fairly. That one doesn't. Dig deeper, ask questions, and you will see what I mean. Things don't change, they just get rearranged to look differently I say tell the board to dump it next contract!

Re: work related injuries

this whole company is one big contradiction.They want production and safety. You can't have both.We were all penalized on the bonus because our job count did not meet the so called AGL standard.But if you try to meet that job count and god forbid have a motor vehicle accident or hurt yourself on the job your also penalized on your bonus and possibly disciplined. I say do your job safely and thoroughly. Don't worry about job counts.Worry about your safety and the customers safety.