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Safety & Discipline

In a recent Atlanta Gas Light company e-mail:

"Working and driving safely is a choice and I want each employee to choose to work and drive safely."

Duh! Do you think we wake up saying "Gee, I think I'll have an accident today"? Or "Boy, It sure would be great to get injured today."

We are trying our best. Geez! Enough already!

And then there's:
"MVAs and OJIs hurt our morale and interrupt both our business and personal lives."

Morale!? What Morale? You have to have it to lose it right?

Fire someone with 30 years for making a mistake in judgement? I hope none of them ever make a bad choice and have to lose THEIR careers over it. Even murderer's have gotten paroled. And unlike a murderer, this person has been a trouble free employee for a LONG time.

Morale? Lose a co-worker to EXTREME discipline and it drops.

And then there is the discipline for those camera's that the Union was told were suppose to be used as a training tool. TRAINING TOOL, NOT DISCIPLINE TOOL! Morale? Right.

Oh yeah, and the GPS, which was going to be used for picking the closest vehicle for an emergency situation. Another one that went from a good purpose to discipline.
Remember the good 'ol days when you screwed up, a supervisor caught you, came out and reamed you out one on one. Now it's formal discipline. Atlanta Gas Light LOVES discipline. That's obvious.

What a shame the direction this company has taken. And it serves no purpose in regards to the operations of the company. WHICH, by the way STILL has MANY operational flaws. But don't tell them because then you will just be a whiner and not one just trying to offer positive input to correct THEIR problems.
It's always the workers that are doing the wrong things and not the leaders of the company. It would be nice to have a mirror for them to look into that showed THEIR flaws. But they think they have none. That shows in those promotion e-mails about how wonderful this one or that one is and how they are getting a promotion. Pat each other on the backs a few more times.


Then there is the problems with a few supervisors. Two different divisions complained. Our division is taken care of and the other? has BOTH problem supervisors in their division. All of the mistakes, bad supervising, and complaints about these two and they are still here. Meanwhile another is fired for ONE bad choice. Go figure.

One top manager says he wants this to be a good or fun place to work. Don't cross that one off your to do list yet.

Morale? Wish we had some....really.

Re: Safety & Discipline

I've noticed since early in 2010 that the direction this company is taking in regards to the employees is taking a turn for the worst. That's sad to see, when I was a rep I thought things were going pretty well. It does not seem that way of late. I'm glad I can just come in now and do my 8 hrs then go home. The less interaction with them, the better for me. Don't interpret that as a defeatist attitude cause I NEVER give up when it comes to this Union. And to think, I use to be one of the more positive ones around the shop. They changed that.

Re: Safety & Discipline

Not only does the bad seed get moved out of the North They give the guy a promotion kinda reminds us of the Irish mafia days