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Another Loss of a Brother

It saddens me to say that former Master Responder and Local 424 Union member from Green Lane and my good friend Bob Steeger has passed away. Bob had been sick for quite a while. Although things were going in an optimistic direction earlier this month, they took a turn for the worse this past Wednesday. He passed away in the early morning hours of March 24th.
Bob was my midnight partner for many years and our friendship had grown since. He was not only a co-worker but a good friend outside of the company as well. He was a very smart man who taught me and others many a thing during our days working together.
If you talk to some of the guys that worked with him over the years you would know that he was one of a kind. The stories about his antics at work will have you laughing for hours. He carried his sense of humor up until the end.
Bob was also a good Union man who never caved to the company and was willing to fight for what was right to the end. Our local could use more like him.
As a friend outside of work he would come to my house to help me with things and me to his to help him. He even showed up not long after his first liver transplant on a 104 degree day to help me build a stage for the music fest I have at my house. He was not feeling well and would not leave when I told him to because the heat was no good for him. I had to tell him I was too hot and was going in to lay down. After he left I resumed building. That's just one of many an example of the type of friend he was. I will miss him tremendously as will many who have called and texted me.
Bob leaves behind his Wife Ruth, who he has been with for over 40 years, and Daughter Lyn. My prayers go out for them to help them through this difficult time.
Bob, I'll miss you my friend but will see you in heaven when God chooses me to come to him as well. Peace Brother.

Re: Another Loss of a Brother

Very nicely done Larry.