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Re: Term paper

Hello there! well I guess you're asking me, since I'm the oldest cat in the sandpile around here. Let me see, what do I miss the most. Well, I once had a '42 Ford flathead V-8 that could burn a set of tires off the rear wheels before it reached the other side of the intersection, I kind of miss that, but I sold it when I was about 17, so, a '52 Olds that I had a lot of money and time in, did 109 in the quarter-mile, but "Ya pay yer nickel and take yer ride", it's long gone too. Once had a canoe that I sold, and sometimes I miss that when I see a quiet stream that needs navigated. Can't tell if I miss any of my hair, as I always kept it cut off anyway, harder for someone to get ahold of in a scuffle, you know. I'm lucky to have kept my good health, I stay active and in reasonably decent shape and constantly learning new and interesting things. Good grief, it's difficult to say I miss anything from my youth. They keep talkin' about "the good old days", but it seems to me the T-Rucks are made better, tires are better, the air-conditioners and heaters actually work now, cold-weather clothes and boots are better, skis are better, phones are better, we got 'puters now that we didn't use ta' have, and the top-o-the-line slide rule I used in high school can't hold a candle to todays $5 solar-powered hand-held calculator. Really difficult for me to say that I miss anything from "the good old days", actually. I'll keep checkin' though, and if anything comes up missing I'll let you know right away! And, hey, thanks for visiting The Old Man's Hideout. Did you read chapter one of The Recovery? How about the reviews? If not, git yerself back to the gateway and click on in fer a good adventure! (And don't use my style of writing for your term paper, or it'll get you a "D" for sure! (By the way, I sure don't miss my English teacher, either, or Harold, who used to remind her to give us our homework before the bell rang.)

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Replying to Original Article:

Hi I am writing a term paper on aging~~ I would like some Senior's opinions about answering this question~~

What is the one thing you had when you were younger that you no longer have now that you miss the most~~this could be your hair or some kind of music etc~~Oh please sate age and your gender~~~thanks!!!!!