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Re: Book's Up

Old Man i bought the recovery. very good! but can't agree with some of it. like, crooks "legally" selling body parts from the citizens? come on! otherwise, very good. very, very good.

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Replying to:

Hello, and thanks for the enquiry. "The Recovery" is now available on-line at (keyword=lawton)or there is a quick-click at the above website. If you'd like to see a preview and the pre-publication reviews, they are at my original website, click on "The Recovery". Thanks and I hope you enjoy the story. The Old Man

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Replying to Original Article:

Hi, nice website. I read chap-1 of the recovery, and went to the hyperlink to buy it but it was not yet for sale. It was on their "soon" list, though... How soon?

Re: Re: Book's Up - by Anonymous - Dec 19, 2000 5:09pm
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