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Re: business offer

Hello there bricklayer, thanks for the post! Sorry for the delay but you know how it goes when you got more bricks to lay than you got daylight to do it in...

Now for your question:

Son, if I had my choice between knowin' how to lay brick, and knowin' how to drive a BMW and entertain hare-brained money-launderin' schemes from criminals in exotic places, I'd take bricklayin' every time!

Lemme tell ya just the tip of the iceberg about some of those schemes: Some enterprisin' dudes have figured out how to establish a free email address, then look up the email addresses of business people and offer them a big wad of dough to participate in get-rich-quick schemes. (Remember John DeLorean) One of these schemes is to "deposit in your account" some quick dough that the rest of the government lost in the cracks and they want to move out of country. You deposit their hundred mill "cashier's check" in your account, and they give you 20 mill of it for your trouble. Real attractive, to those who can't think straight for more than 20 seconds.

Their next move is one of two things; (1) They send a fancy-looking (but bogus) check for the hundred-mill or part of it, (or) (2) They send part of it. The third thing that happens depends on how desperate they are: If they are really broke and need a few bucks, they send you a plane ticket to their country, (or have you buy it since it would show up on their government ledger, supposedly, and tip off the outgoing dictator there was something going on) and when Bro' parks his BMW at Kennedy International and heads for Africa or the Baltics or wherever, that's the last you hear of him, 'cause they know he's got a pocket full of spendin' cash, so they just whack him for whatever he has on him. Maybe they also take him hostage and send word back home that he is for sale to the highest bidder. (OR), if they don't lure him to Africa or the Baltics, they wait a couple days, and then tell him they need about 20-grand of the hundred mill real quick to cover the books for a week or so, "...gotta have it in 24 hrs or the deal is off..." Then when the big fat check for the hundred mill bounces, Bro is out of his 20 grand... (OR) Maybe, just maybe (but very probably not) some dude in the underworld of shady prescriptions wants to launder his latest windfall. Either way, bricklayer, your Brother ends up dead, held for ransom, defrauded out of a wad, or taken down with the criminals trying to launder their money.

You can tell brother you might lay bricks for a living and drive an old truck, but your brain hasn't atrophied yet like his has. And if he don't believe me, go check with the FDIC, or the F-B-of-I, or the Treasury Department, I'm sure one of them might have some more information on this type of con-artist activity.

"If it looks too good to be true, you can bet your butt it is!!"

Thanks for visiting, and very best wishes. The Old Man.

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Replying to:

my brother got a letter from a government dude in some africa country wanting him to deposit a bunch of money in the US and he would get 3-mil for doing it. i told him it was phoney and he told me if i was so smart i woud be as rich as he is. maybe he is right cause he runs his own business drives a bmw and i lay brick for a living and drive a old truck. what do you think?