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Re: gun control

Hmmm... well, a lot of thoughts there. Of course, the mentally ill, felons past or present, domestic violent types, anyone discharged dishonorable from the Armed Forces, as well as several others, have probably either effectively forfieted their 2nd Ammendment Rights or are not legally allowed to purchase firearms already. (Ask your local arms dealer for the form purchasers have to fill out, or check for an example). Additionally, if you (or anyone) provide such persons with a firearm then you are wading into muddy, snake-infested, lawyer-smelling swamps if they use it to harm someone else. (Several cases in point lately). If you know of anyone who has firearms, and should not by law be allowed to possess them, it would probably do society a favor if you'd confide the info with your friendly County Sheriff! And, if your local police don't know by heart who exactly is prohibited from possessing firearms, they probably need to go back to basic training. Thanks for the comments, visitor.

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While I am a proud gun owner. I think that americans that accept a disability check for being (retarded) and there is many. I don't think they should be allowed to vote,own guns. Where I live there is many 18-50 year olds that get a check for being dumb and this leads to free medical and food stamps. I say if a ward of the gov., they should forfeit some rights. The choice should be theirs. Here the worst outlaws are the ones that recieve checks and have lots of free time. There isn't anything that getting a job wouldn't cure. It is no wonder social security system is in trouble.