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Re: Re: Re: Domain Registers

Hey, Griz, good to see you visiting.

"Yesssss!!", the team presently at 1600 Penn Ave are absolutely the best I've seen since I can remember thinking about important things.

It seems unlikely to me that the anti-2nd-ammendment anti-gun crowd (who have been so noticibly quiet lately, I wonder why?) could successfully return to their normal program of the bit-by-bit disarming of our citizens, given the present atmosphere.

Way back in the '60's I was priveleged to read a summary of a Staff Study by the USSR (all countries do strategic "What-If studies"). It was titled "The feasability of invading and conquering the U.S.", as close as translation could get. The bottom line was, they could attack, they could secure a significant beachead, and they could resupply. The show-stopper was getting past the (then estimated) 160 million armed citizens of the U.S. They even had it figured how much ammo and what type of firearms the "U.S. Cowboys" had. They could not defend against that force. They figured most of the men had high-power big-game rifles, many of the women liked shotguns, all the little old ladies had derringers in their purse, and all the kids had bb-guns that could be swapped for rifles in ten minutes. Bottom line, they couldn't figure a way to get past the citizens without total destruction of the land, which wasn't practical. So today, if someone did the same study, It might end up kind of like the old study did...

"Greetings, from the 280 million armed citizens of the United States of America!".

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Hey Ken,

Thanks for the plug. It's been a real pleasure doing business with you over the last few years. Of course, you were our very first webhosting client, way back we got all the bugs worked out with you before we became good at what we do.

Hey - looks like ashcroft is putting his money where his mouth is on gun control...whattya think?

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Hello HiJinks.

Thanks for the question, I'll try to do it justice and give you a couple of ideas on factors that might affect the fees charged by the various Registrars, and their agents.

It used to be that Network Solutions was the only place you could buy a domain name. Their price was $35/yr and still is. Hosting with them is a tad on the pricey side, but they have some good features. The "new" Registrars are selling TLD names (.com, .net, .org) just like NetSol does, but their prices, and their reseller prices, may be as low as $8/yr per name. So, your question is; "What is the difference?"

Actually, the bottom line is you own the name they register for you, so in that respect there is no difference. The difference comes after the registration is over, and you need to change something in your record. Maybe you are a company, and an employee quits who was listed as the company's "technical", "administrative", or "billing" contact. With NetSol you just go up to their server, log on with your user name and password, and change the record. Maybe you want to change who you host with, you do the same editing by yourself.

With some of the newer Registrars, you have no personal edit capabilities at all. You have to contact somebody at the Registrar or the reseller you bought it from, and get them to change the record (Good luck, with some of them!!). This can get very, very, frustrating with some resellers.

The Old Man has used several Registrars in the past years, and now I have my domains all consolidated with Larry (Griz) Dozier at Griz and his partner is a reseller for BulkRegister. I have absolutely fabulous service from Griz, there are no screw-ups, and the changes I ask for are done in the most timely of manners. Another big advantage is that I "host" my domains with him also, so I'm dealing with just one person who has been absolutely reliable. When I call him or eMail for a change or for another domain, it's done immediately, no waiting and no mistakes. The prices I pay are several clicks below what I'd have to pay at NetSol (or others), and I have all the advantages I would have up at NetSol, so I have the best of both worlds; I get the low prices with Griz Dozier, and he gives me the high-end webmaster control features on my domain. You can do the same.

Thanks for the visit, I hope this helps you. And thanks for the votes on "The Wolf"!

Best Regards, The Old Man.

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hi old man. can you tell us why some domain registers charge so much more than others, and what is the difference anyway? btw,we love the wolf.