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Re: bio-terror medical law

Hello Jared, thanks for the visit.

It took me awhile to find what you were talking about, but here it is finally.

And, "what do I think of it"? It sounds like something that does not deserve the light of day in our country, Jared. Unfortunately, people like the ones that wrote the "Model Law" can't be ignored.

Germany was taken over by just 10% who were Nazi, because the other 90% let it happen.

I hope we never see the day in this country that we have anything like this "Model Law".

Yes, I'm afraid there was a social situation in "The Recovery" that paralled this new law.

Thanks again, and contact your legislators!

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Replying to:

i hate to mention this but have you heard of a bio-terror medical law the government is giving the states? i read it and i think it scares me. btw, i am very conservative and support pres. Bush and his great cabinet. and i am still scared because what if we end up with somebody else in there someday. i got The Recovery from b&n and the bottom line of this law thing is on the first page.

Re: Re: bio-terror medical law - by Mike N. - Nov 12, 2002 10:07am
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