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Midland General Bus for hire

Hi all

My Grandad worked for Trent Barton for over 50 years and growing up we used to visit him every week and play on the buses at the depot. He sadly passed away a couple of years ago and I thought it would be a really fitting tribute to him if we were able to hire one of the old buses that he used to drive for our wedding. I've spoken to my Grandma and she said it was a blue Midland General bus that he used to drive and apparently they did manage to get hold of the bus he drove for his retirement party (albeit this would have been 20+ years ago now).

I've tried contacting Trent Barton but they have said they don't have any of the old buses anymore. I've had a look online but there is limited information about the Midland General buses and I was hoping that maybe someone in this forum would be able to help or point me in the right direction?

Kind regards

Re: Midland General Bus for hire

Hi there my name is Zeke Allsopp

I volunteer in Nottingham at Nottingham Area Bus Society in ruddington where I am an avid enthusiast and lover of Nottinghamshire’s transport heritage. The gentleman that ownes midlands general 296 Lynn Pestell has shown his interest and has requested the price in which is being asked for it. We would love to have this as a added addition to the collection and hope to here from you soon.

Zeke Allsopp & Lynn Pestell

Nottingham Area Bus Society