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RLH32 in the Netherlands

I came across your site by accident, as so many do, and it brought back many memories as I used to travel to school in Woking daily by RLH on routes 436,436A and 463. I understand you have preserved RLH32, which is why you are able to give so much history about it. You mentioned that it visited the Netherlands in 1980. I know, I was on it! It was an amazing event called the "Tulip Rally" when about 30 buses travelled on the ferry from Sheerness to Vlissingen and then created their own rally in the town of Volendam. Just one thing you might like to know, and if you want more I can look up some info when I get home, as I am away on business this week, (that's when you have time in the evening to browse) is that the bus was RED at that time. It was painted back into green later.