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More RLH memories.

Further to my RLH57 post i thought you may like a few more memories.Living in Kingshill Drive the 230 ran past the end of my road in Christchurch Ave. Aged 8 i remember two green 230s passing Kenton Library i later found these to be RLH3 and RLH4 which must of come to cover red overhauls. Around 1950 i rode on a TD on route 230 with my dear grandmother to her friends in Harrow View i can still see in my mind the conductor standing at the front of the saloon. Around 1956..57 i was bus spotting at kenton library when a shiney RLH came along from Northwick Park. as it got closer i read the number plate KYY501.I was so shocked that i waited for it to come back from Rayners Lane. Aged 10 even then i knew this was special. I later found it had been repainted from green. Other green RLHs came over the years those that come to mind are RLH 11..17..27..28..34..41..43..52.I later drove RLH27 on service at HD. I grew up with these buses and loved them, Before the RFs arrived for the 136 RLHs were used for early and late staff buses and i had a few white knuckle rides around the harrow area at 1am in the morning. The 230 served 5 stations and Kodak works and was prone to delays. By 1968 seven buses were used in peak hours and on a good day one could get a batch of 4 buses going one way and a batch of 3 going the other. Crews tempers flared at times... would accuse each other of swinging or scratching then buses would disapear into Byron Road for an unoffical turn. Word would get back to the instector on the gate at HD GAR and he would travel down by bus to try and sort us out. Has any one got a pictue of HDs TDs on routes 221 or 230. In my day RLH63 was the worst to drive never pulled well RLH57 59 74 were good runners. RLH 62 was damaged in fog in Village Way ...rear off side i think RLH74 had a chrome radiator. RLH71 was my favorite but it moved to RD before i started work at HD it came from AL in 1958 I still have vived memories of my spotting days with friends Richard Penny Les Deacon Richard Hill Dave Pring Jeff Seamor to name a few. These were my special years and HD RLHs were part of them.