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Route 230

I have now managed to get two pictures of Harrow Weald TDs operating on route 221 in the early 1950s. These are TD 67 and TD 105(which was on loan to HD from EW). Both of these buses could have worked on the 230 route had there been a shortage of RLHs. Also i have received information that RLHs were overhauled at the old Stamford Brook Tram depot near Chiswick in the late 1950s early 1960s. Indeed myself and David Pring cycled here in early 1960 and saw RLH 55 here. It appears that when Aldenham was very busy classes of buses such as RLH-GS-TD etc that did not swap bodies were overhauled here.If anyone has any pictures of TDs on the 221 or 230 i would be very pleased to hear from them.....regards Colin