Argo's Kennels Adoption Form

As a Responsible Breeder, We want to place our puppies/adults in homes that best suit their new owners personalities and lifestyles. This questionnaire is to assist with placing our puppies in the best possible homes.

Have You Ever had a Boston Terrier? *
Are You Interested in a Puppy or Retired Adult? *
Are you looking for a Male or Female? *
Do You Have a Color Preference? *
Are You Aware that Boston Terriers are a Brachycephalic Dog Breed and They Do Not Handle Extreme Temperature Changes Well? *
Why Do You Want a Dog? *
Are You Aquiring a Dog for Yourself Or Someone Else? *
Do You Have Children Living With You, Or Visiting Regularly? *
How Would You Describe Your Household Activity Level *
Sex of Existing Dogs *
Do You Understand that if you purchase a puppy/dog under Limited Pet/Companion Registration, That Puppy Papers will Not Be Released Until We Recieve Proof of Spay/Neuter? *
We Understand that Circumstances Sometimes Change. Would You Agree to Sign a Return Contract In The Event that You Can No Longer Keep The Dog? *
Are You Able to Pickup Your New Dog Or Will You Require Shipping? *
Are You Aware that there is a $200.00 Non-Refundable Deposit Required to Hold a Specific Dog? *
Do You Own or Rent Your Home? *
If You Rent Your Home, Do They Allow Pets? *