New Membership Application - CLUB MIATA VANCOUVER ISLAND

The best upgrade you can add to your Miata is to submit this Application, submit the Membership General Waiver, and send your annual dues to our Treasurer. By completing and submitting this Application, you hereby acknowledge and agree to the terms of Membership in the Constitution and in the Privacy Statement set out by Club Miata Vancouver Island. If you have any questions, please contact any member of our club's Executive or email

Please print, sign and date the club's General Waiver and attach it to this application. Please save this original document and give it to any member of our Executive. *
We distribute a Club Membership Roster via email to all club members which provides current contact information and Miata details for all current members. Please advise if you want your info published in this Roster.
Members of our club may take pictures of the runs and socials. Please indicate whether you agree to have your picture shared and /or posted on our club website.