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Good see Con Boutsianis is here

There is Boutsianis and he play or he play for national leage but now he is here.

Well done Con Boutsianis. You are very good and best player.

Re: Good see Con Boutsianis is here

With Boutsi back and Damianos signing for Alexander as well as other quality signings we are going to have a very strong side this season and one that South Melbourne will struggle to beat or even draw against. Maybe we can avenge some of the darby losses of the 90's and when we do so you will see thousands of Alexander fans at the village celebrate a day that we have been waiting several years to see. CARN THE YELLOW AND BLACK - the time for revenge with vs South is now!

Con Boutsianis is a Legend!!

I had the pleasure of playing a friendly game of soccer against Con Boutsianis over ten years ago and have enjoyed watching him play ever since.

My most memorable moments of Boutsi are...

1.Scoring the winning goal in the Grand Final versus Carlton!

2.Scoring the wining goal against the Kingz in his comeback game to South from the Kingz!

Re: Con Boutsianis is a Legend!!

Yes you are right - Con Boutsianis is a Australian soccer legend who has taken the hearts of all who have had the pleasure to see him play. He will be remebered as one of the most memorable players to grace our soccer fields and it is a great assett to have him wearing the yellow and black in 2005. C'mon Boutsi C'mon HEIDELBERG UNITED!

Re: Re: Con Boutsianis is a Legend!!

shake shake shake
shake shake shake
shake your Boutsi!!!

be here by 6pm on friday re!!!!