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Water-ski and wakeboard park

I know we have mentioned the East Bute Doc Water-ski and wakeboard park elsewhere in a general discussion, but since there are lots of pics here I thought I start a new thread.

It will be quite a visible thing, with a set of cables suspended in the air:

Some info here:

and the app here:

Re: Water-ski and wakeboard park

Good luck to them. It sounds a good idea, will add to the mix of activities in Cardiff and in particular the bay area and is a relatively innovative idea. Will bring the dock back into more effective use. I just hope the water's clean!

Also hope they've got some good marketing ideas - boarders pulled by cable suspended from pylons with the backdrop of the steelworks or county hall might not be the most inspiring of pictures.

Re: Water-ski and wakeboard park

Paul is doing his 'commenting by posting a pic of the day as opposed to writing on the forum' thing again. I like it when he does...

The wakeboard centre for East Bute Dock has got through planning:

I wonder when we will see it in action? They talk about 2014 Cardiff capiral of sport, but will it be up and running for any of the 2013 season?