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That nasty man from the AA

The net loss is likely to be made up of about 406 roles in the Cardiff contact centre with future insurance call centre activity being focused at the AA-owned Newcastle office, where 183 new jobs are expected to be created.

Very bad news for Cardiff, I hope others don't follow.
I wonder what the reasons were, Newcastle and Cardiff would be very similar from demographic point of view. Rents maybe a little higher in Cardiff, anyone know if the Newcastle call centre is in a city centre location like Cardiff or in wastelands of Industrial Suburbia?

Re: That nasty man from the AA

The full story on wales online mentions that the Newcastle site is larger and they own the freehold. Their lease on the Cardiff office only has two years left according to the article.

Feel for the people effected by this!

Re: That nasty man from the AA

A fact which passed me by when this was announced was (as I later heard on the BBC) that the building is located in the only dedicated financial services enterprise zone in the UK.

Food for thought.

Re: That nasty man from the AA

Turkish firm HDM Steel Pipe Cardiff factory to create 38 jobs

(They make steel pipes that are used in piling)

IMHO these 38 new manufacturing jobs outweigh the 400 ood jobs that were lost on the same day at the AA. The country needs to pay it way in the world.

The Uk's second quarter deficit on goods (trade deficit minus inward investments) was £28.1bn. Think about it, that's £500 per head of population in 3 months! The funding gap is made up by borrowing.
This borrowing is like a beauty contest. We look good along side the mingers Spain/Greece/Portugal at the moment but when they get knocked out the UK won't be so pretty.
We are living on borrowed time (and money!)

This chart from the ONS sums up the situation. Its not just the £28bn itself it's the rate of decline.

On a lighter note....New Clothes shop opens in St Davids 2 selling the same imported tat as all the others