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Charles Street development

Here's a link to the Charles Street development that Me just mentioned on the Admiral thread, when the snow stops I'll go down there and take some photos of the construction ...

Re: Charles Street development

This project started pre-crash and has stalled for some time.

I guess it could be quite a controversial design in some quarters, for something so contemporary in the middle of much older looking builds. It looks quite good in the renders but will be interesting to see what the finished thing looks like.

Re: Charles Street development

I guess it could be quite a controversial design in some quarters, for something so contemporary in the middle of much older looking builds.

Older looking maybe but not that old! The block south of the Friend's Meeting House is a horrible modern pastiche that replaced a perfectly servicable Victorian terrace. At least this is honest.

Re: Charles Street development

I agree with Ash - If you are going to build near or attached to older architecture it should be modern and contrast and definitely not attempt to fit in, otherwise it just looks crap.

While I think it looks ok - the external finishes looks like its going to be the same render system that many other buildings in Cardiff have used which looks shit within 2-3 yrs.

Re: Charles Street development

I don't actually mind the new building masquerading as old. The scale is appropriate to the street scene and because (presumably) the layout accommodates modern business requirements it means that Charles St is always likely to have office accommodation.

Charles St is one of the better streets in the city centre in my view. Nice early Victorian architecture, lovely church in the Ebenezer chapel, not so lovely church but quite imposing St Davids RC cathedral plus there are a great number of uses which seem to thrive side by side - religious, retail, office, bars, restaurants, services, clubs etc.

The only bum notes are the Job Centre - this is half hearted pastiche and in my view a good deal more offensive than the building referred to above - and the disgusting blank wall of Next (built by Littlewoods in fairness to Next) that obliterates the northern end of the street as it adjoins Queen St. The new paving, the partially destroyed planting and the silly and otiose public art that tries to disguise the bleakness is the very definition of turd polishing.

I dream that Next will move to somewhere else in the city centre and some enterprising developer will knock that part of the store down and replace it with some decent contemporary office/residential accommodation that compliments the rest of the street scene and with retail/A3 units to provide some much needed activity at ground level. One lives in hope.