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"New Look" Walesonline...

... is rubbish! The old one had a really crap database which meant news articles didn't show up in order of date properly. But this one is too "showy" and difficult to navigate.

And even worse, to make comments you no longer log in to a Walesonline account. It wants you to log in using your facebook account and access your friends list, and other personal info! Not really something I want to do...

Re: "New Look" Walesonline...

It's always been a rugby obsessed piece of shite.

Re: "New Look" Walesonline...

It really is dire, today for example the Cardiff Page has the same article (the prostitution one) listed 3 times!

Whilst the Bunkhouse Review is probably the most amateur thing I have ever read!

Re: "New Look" Walesonline...

It is dreadful isn't it! I can't believe that so much money produces such poor value.

Re: "New Look" Walesonline...

Depressing how much our media sucks it's very bad for democracy, you can by the way people think education and health are still run from London ect. If I had a few spare million i'd love to run a newspaper for Wales at a loss.

Re: "New Look" Walesonline...

Horses for courses but I thought the bunkhouse review was funny! It made me chuckle.

'The most amateur thing (you) have ever read' - slightly dramatic don't you think! Ha.

Re: "New Look" Walesonline...

I have a friend who works there so naturally I'm biased. The whole Facebook thing that RC mentions is I'm afraid all over the place nowadays. I really don't want to log in to places using my Facebook account.

Re: "New Look" Walesonline...

I've tried to give it a chance but the site is really awful. It's actually difficult getting any news. What is on there is replicated many times and the layout is just too fussy. It's a shame because it needed a revamp but this just isn't doing it for me.

Re: "New Look" Walesonline...

I used to comment on there a lot, and it was a pretty vibrant and interactive service.

There is no way on earth I'm commenting on it via my facebook..get to feck on that, no way!