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Cardiff and Vale College, Dumballs Road

The planning app for this has now been validated and the design and access statement is pretty comprehensive and is available here:

I really like the design both aesthetically and functionally. I think the internal 'street' works well, and I think it looks good from both the west (Dumballs frontage), north (Canal Parade frontage) and east (Park), although I'm less sure about the view of a lot of roof from the south.

Room for expansion seems to be built in (almost doubling the total size) on the proposed car park. At this point, its relationship with Canal Park would become more important.

In the long term I think it will be a good anchor for developments in the Havannah Quay (which I notice seems to have been mistakenly corrected to 'Havana' in new documents), but I do worry that in the short term it might be a bit out of the way.

Re: Cardiff and Vale College, Dumballs Road

This is a building that is crying out to be facing the river, its sucha similar building tot he one in Newport and that really works well set against the muddy river Usk.

Re: Cardiff and Vale College, Dumballs Road

The project was passed today. Good news for that area of town.

Re: Cardiff and Vale College, Dumballs Road

It would be nice to extend the canal park up to Callaghan Square at some point just to try and (almost) get a green sliver running from the M4 down to the bay. Now all we need is a green high level park (like the highline in New York) to link it to Bute Park! Actually whilst I'm dreaming why not Turf the Stadium's boardwalk??

Re: Cardiff and Vale College, Dumballs Road

According to this article, construction is due to start in August 2013:

So we can expect some activity sometime between today and 4 weeks on Saturday!