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Wyndham Arcade

Waterloo Tea Gardens have signs up stating that they are moving into the unit immediately next to Bill's Place in Wyndham Arcade.

I have to say that this Arcade is starting to look quite tidy these days after a few decades in the doldrums.

Re: Wyndham Arcade

it sure is looking better. if they can tidy up Caroline street a bit then this whole part of town will have a very modern contemporary feel to it

Re: Wyndham Arcade

I agree with the general sentiment but I think the fact that Wyndham arcade doesn't look contemporary and modern is part of it's charm. It acts as a nice counterpoint to the library and SD2 as do the David Morgan buildings.

All of the shopfronts have been renovated so that they are all alike and there is now a pleasing symmetry which there wasn't before when Kiwi's was slap bang in the middle. There is also a nice mix of tenants down there - the Italian cafe, Bills, Ask, the hairdressers, the famous Bear Shop, Baileys, a tailors etc. Something for everyone.

Waterloo tea rooms look to be taking 2 units knocked into one so I think the arcade will almost be fully let when they move in.

Re: Wyndham Arcade

Will they be leaving Penylan? Hope not as it is a rare Saturday morning treat.

Re: Wyndham Arcade

No. Three venues with penylan, town abd old washington gallery cafe in penarth.

Re: Wyndham Arcade

Ah, I was wondering what was happening in the Washington.

I hope they're not expanding too quickly.