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Canton Police Station

The Gremlins have now taken over the former Canton Police Station. They had formally resided in the Bute Dock Hotel but I believe were removed via court proceedings issued by Keylet.

I know the freehold was recently put up for sale at offers in the region of £400K and was hoping some decent quality housing would be on the agenda. The Police Station is an ugly 60s building in an otherwise pretty area that includes, the Canton Library, Library Street (which has some of the best examples of Victorian tiles used in the lobbies of many of Cardiff's buildings) and there is also Chapter Arts Centre near by.

Not sure how I feel about this, as I am usually left leaning in my political views. Their argument is that this building is being left empty deliberately, if this were the case I would probably support them. However, the building is for sale for development and these people are likely to delay the redevelopment of a much needed part of my local area. I am therefore fairly hostile towards them. Also they are not contributing to society at all.

Maybe I'm just a Nimby! Or I'm getting old!

What does everyone else reckon?

P.s when I walk past there at night there are always lights on, why don't they cut the electricity?

Also they are planning some sort of mini festival on Monday I can see this causing some sort of stand off with the local residents/police.

Re: Canton Police Station

I'm pretty sure it is illegal to cut off electricity to a resident/building. i may be mistaken but I'm sure the owner cannot do this. however I'm sure that the supply can be cut off by the supplier for non payment.

Re: Canton Police Station

They've been evicted.

Apparently the building has been bought by Taff Housing who seem to have staged something of a takeover of Cowbridge Rd East recently! I make that their third development on the stretch between the Canton Cross and Clive Road lights.

That's not a complaint, incidently. I think locating new social housing in an established mixed community with good public transport links is a far better option than the vast estates / ghettos we had in the past.

Re: Canton Police Station

Yeah, I think they were evicted on Friday as I saw the big metal hoardings going up supervised by a few plod. I couldn't see them allowing that big party to go ahead that they had planned for tomorrow.

I was walking past with a suitcase at the time the hoardings were going up and the PC guarding the door, said to me, "bloody hell you're not trying to move in as well"

Ash I agree with you on the social housing front, much better to have people from different social backgrounds all living together, rather than segregated. I think Canton is probably one of the most diverse communities in Cardiff on that front. After living in different areas of Cardiff over the years, don't think I would ever move from Canton now.