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Cardiff Crossrail transport network

can i just take a moment to sit back and take in that i have been saying they have been needing to do this for years... i forget about it for years and then i see this... i'm done just so done
why now evil corporate greedy buggers?

Re: Cardiff Crossrail transport network

It sounds all very nice but I can’t see it happening. Firstly our city planners have demonstrated time and again that they do not have the capability of strategic planning (red dragon centre, Bay road network, schools in pontprennau). Notwithstanding that Wales really doesn’t have a pot to piss in. We have no wealth. As has been stated many times on here, rather than work for it ourselves we would prefer the English to pay for it. I can’t see this happening as long as English cities don’t have similar transport arrangements.

Can’t you just clap your hands and say ‘let it be done’?

Re: Cardiff Crossrail transport network

It's not a government plan this time it's a business plan notice how there planning to extend the railways to the business areas of the city they dont care about the people it's about there profit.. i dont know realy hope it works out just be glad cardiff doesn't have a rift in time and space over us with aliens invading