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City Centre
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is this a thing

Re: architecture

I definatly prefer the WMC, this looks like something out of Gerry Anderson's imagination, uber sixties futurism!

Re: architecture

Very 60's, I can almost hear the Star Trek theme music.

Is Zaha Hadid STILL going on about it? For goodness sake, it was over a decade ago, and surely she has moved on to bigger projects?

If it came down to this, and the Mill Centre, I'd choose what we have now. We got what Cardiff needed, which was a multi-media centre, and I actually think that the Mill Centre is a lot more iconic and memorable than the Cardiff Bay Opera House.

Re: architecture

Wow I haven't seen that plan in years!
Gladly never became a thing - I remember there were a few various designs being bandied around in the late 90s, this one was quite popular at one point (who knows why, it does look awful!)
A quick scan through Google Images doesn't bring any others up, but I'll keep looking

Re: architecture

Here's another of the Opera House designs. I prefer it to the Hadid one to be honest.

Re: architecture

Woot! Check out those state-of-the-art graphics.