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Old Buildings Now Gone

Does anyone have any pictures of old buildings in Cardiff that were demolished and shouldn't have been?

Re: Old Buildings Now Gone

Pick a building, any building... ;)

Re: Old Buildings Now Gone

There is a website called which has lots of photos of buildings in Cardiff some remaining, some gone.

Also there is a Facebook group called (I think) Pictures of Old Cardiff which has lots of photos. Quite often there is a photo of a street scene from the 19th century and the contributors take a photo of the street scene as it is now so you can directly compare and contrast.

Other than that I think the Council has an archive of historical photos although I'm not sure how to access this online. There are probably other contributors on this forum who do.

Hope that helps.

Re: Old Buildings Now Gone

Take a look at my website:
Not been updated in a while, but a few good articles on there about some former buildings pulled down and some others which have been converted/refurbed etc.

Re: Old Buildings Now Gone

The Capitol was the worst casualty in my opinion.

Re: Old Buildings Now Gone

Interesting imae of newport road (see old blind institute on left of image and old queen street station)


Re: Old Buildings Now Gone

Is today's photo of the buildings in the bay, marketed as Merchant Place? Is there a change to the marketing sign? I assume not but it's not clear!

Re: Old Buildings Now Gone

Not pictures - a movie!

A 1960's colour film promoting the criminaly demolished Wales Empire Pool but also showing the following -

Cathays Park pre Boulevard Des Nantes
The Norwegian Church in its original setting.
The old terminal at Rhoose airport
The bus station

Re: Old Buildings Now Gone

St Davids House is only 4 stories in this video....