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Christmas time, mistletoe and .....

Well the lights are on in the City for the oncoming feast of St Commercialismus.

The marxist pinko reds at the Council have plastered St Mary St/High St in communist red stars.

They are are very large yet somehow still understated at the same time. I think they look cool.

Re: Christmas time, mistletoe and .....

Put some pics up for those of us living in exile in far away lands!!! (London) Oxford Street is pants this year by the way!!

Re: Christmas time, mistletoe and .....

I much prefer the stars to those rainbow shaped blue monstrosities. The observant might notice that St Marys street is decorated in red white and blue! As the for light switch on it was non existent with them being on during the daylight. Also no market on St Marys st this year.

Re: Christmas time, mistletoe and .....

Nadolig Llawen Caerdydd.
The 'diff is at its peak during the festive season.
Its a truly charming town at this time of year and its the one time when it feels like a Capital City.
People from all over Wales and beyond visit and it become metropolitan.
Long may it continue look forward to seeing the lights.