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if it's about Cardiff..
Sport, Entertainment, Transportation, Business,
Development Projects, Leisure, Eating, Drinking,
Nightlife, Shopping, Train Spotting! etc..
then we want it here!

City Centre
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Re: Cardiff gets everything!

Doing well until the last paragraph. Twat.

Also 50,000 fs and insurance jobs in the centre - that's some serious herb he is smoking

Re: Cardiff gets everything!

It's an interesting take. He's right in making the point that Swansea has had very poor (and sometimes corrupt) local governemnt leadership over the years. Both Goodway and Berman did things I personaly disagreed with but both their administrations were stable and productive. We'll see how things pan out with the new leadership.

Re: Cardiff gets everything!

I found some of the comments to be more interesting than the article.

Re: Cardiff gets everything!

Maybe if Swansea left their road system unchanged for more than 6 months business and investment might follow!
I swear that its a work creation scheme, I have lost count the number of road changes that are reversed a year or so later.
The only city in the UK/World that has turned it back on its great access, THE BEACH.

Re: Cardiff gets everything!

The only city in the UK/World that has turned it back on its great access, THE BEACH.

I've never understood why they haven't put Oystermouth Road into a cut-and-fill tunnel between the river Tawe and Saint Helens. Imagine if instead of the Butetown tunnels we had a surface dual carriageway - that's the effect Oystermouth Road has on Swansea.

Re: Cardiff gets everything!

Good way and Berman done good things?
they have benefitted from simply being cardiffs leaders, the prize assets generally would have happened anyway - cardiff bay, mill stadium, swalec redevelopment, st davids, Cardiff city stadium.
Lets look at where they have had interest to develop and what has happened.
conference centre - going to Newport.
leckwirth stadium - nioe to help Cardiff city out, but the replacement stadium is the wrong configuration to hold any major athletics events - something you'd think we would want.
international pool - similarly cannot hold any major events.
International sports village - fairly well done but the road system is a travesty.
Finishing of the bay link road???
The single lane through the city centre a huge success...........

Councils need to do well above what would happen anyway - what Cardiff has had would have been standard without any political intervention at all. If anything Goodway has taken the city backwards with personal feelings marring relationships internally and with welsh government.