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Re: FAO our English readers

'Bremen' - If you are German then I'm a banana.

Re: FAO our English readers

Was lässt Sie es bezweifeln, und warum sind Sie eine Banane? Ich dachte, dass Sie ein Zauberer waren!

Re: FAO our English readers

One player?
I assume you are implying Real Madrid's Gareth Bale..
Or is it Aaron Ramsey?
Or is it Liverpool's Joe Allen?
Or Ashley Williams?
Or is it young Ben Davies?
Or Perhaps Man City's Emyr Hughes?
I don't think you are hinting at Sam Vokes or Declan John or the ever present Christ Gunter?
Robson Kanu and Simon church do well for Wales..
George Williams looks a dynamic player..
James Chester scored in this year's FA Cup Final..
Wales are very comfortable in possession...
Chris Coleman is doing a decent job..
There is optimism for Cymru for sure

Re: FAO our English readers

If that lot are so good, why didn't we qualify for this year's World Cup? There's a world of difference between individuals and a 'team' - as England just found out!!

As the kraut said, "stick to rugby". It's a safer bet.

Re: FAO our English readers

Bremen - a few reasons why I doubt your authenticity:

It's highly unlikely, to say the least,that a German national (possibly based in the US) would be inspired to bother to post ( for the first time) upon a Cardiff based forum spin off thread about football, let alone mention rugby at the same time.

Most Germans think Wales is part of England so you're breaking with the pack in being aware of the separation of the two.

I would further suspect that less than 5% of people in Germany have ever heard of rugby.

Germans are more grounded in reality with regard to how they expect their team to perform. The general consensus in Germany on the weekend was that they played below par against Ghana, even if the match was exciting.

I don't believe that Germans would consider themselves as carrying the flag for European football any more than say the Italians would.They would be playing for Germany rather than any perceived 'supranational, identity - it's football not an EU trade mission.

All things above considered, the probability IMO is that you are an expat who occasionally reads the Mail or the Telegraph.

I suspect however that the blind optimism about Wales' future chances of qualifying expressed elsewhere on this thread are overdone.Rush, Giggs,Hughes and Southall couldn't get us through- we've been bursting with talent before and got nowhere.

Re: FAO our English readers

Wizard - very shrewd point about Rush, Giggs, Hughes, etc. But I'd like to say Wales' chances of qualifying for Euro 2016 are improved this time 'round ... as up to 3 teams in each group can go through - 1st & 2nd automatically, best placed 3rd, remaining 3rd placed teams contest play-offs (apologies I couldn't explain the system any easier).

The other teams in Wales' group: Bosnia, Belgium, Israel, Cyprus, Andorra.

Re: FAO our English readers

its not all bad news England fans, today is a good news day

Re: FAO our English readers

Wish your source's spelling was as sharp as his/her joke!

But then, there's no 'Guarntee' (sic) of that!