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PSB Questions!


I have a few questions here for all you PSB fans out there!

1. I’m just wondering if anyone knew of any websites where you can compose PSB ringtones for your mobile phone? I don’t like those websites where you have to pay a certain amount of money to buy them!

2. Does anyone know when the re-issue of “Nightlife” will be available? I haven’t heard anything on their official website or!

3. When “Flamboyant” charted in the UK in early April, it said on the “News” section of the official website that it was their 35th UK Top 20 hit. Shouldn’t it have read that it was their 36th??? In all, they’ve released 39 singles in the UK since 1985, but do they not count “Absolutely Fabulous” as a single??? Could it be because they released it on their “Spaghetti Records” label instead of “Parlophone”, or because they saw it as a bit of fun and not a major artistic statement??? I still think it counts as a single for them, as it was UK #6 in 1994! It’s also listed in the “Discography” section of their website!

Any help is always greatly appreciated! ;-)

Re: PSB Questions!

I hope these answers help...

1. I do not know of any sites that let you compose but I do know of a site that lets you download free of charge.
Mono & Polyphonic are available...

2. The re-issue of Nightlife as a double CD will be 22nd November 2004.

3. I agree with should have been their 36th UK Top 20 hit...I am as confused as you.

Re: Re: PSB Questions!

As far as I know, Absolutely Fabulous was the name of the band as well as the song, so strictly it's not a Pet Shop Boys song. Technically, it would be "Absolutely Fabulous featuring the Pet Shop Boys"