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Are they both gays?

Hi there.

I would like to know if there is anybody who can tell me if they both are gays or is Chris Lowe to women?

Re: Are they both gays?


I know (like everybody else!) that Neil is gay, but I definitely think Chris isn't, because if you look at the "Introspective/Further Listening (1988 - 1989)" booklet, Chris says in the interview after "Left To My Own Devices" that he always wanted to settle down to married life and have kids!

Hope that helps!

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Yes they definately both are undoubtedly gay. I know chris and neil personally and they are both Gay. Do not question my honesty because I am sincere with the information given

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I'm SO sorry I doubted that Chris is gay! Oh, well... as is always said "You learn something new every day"!