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Re: Tracks from Fundamental

Thank you to everyone who has requested samples from the NEW album...unfortunately I have had severe hard-drive problems over the last 2/3 days....this has resulted in a complete replacement having to be installed starting today.
Should have my system up and running by Monday 12th Feb...and will send out all requests for samples then.
Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience.

Re: Re: Tracks from Fundamental

Again I must apologise to everyone who has requested copies of the Fundamental samples.
I am still having major problems with my new hard drive.
I now have a complete version of the NEW single "I'm with stupid", which I will include in all sample requests.
I will eventually get things sorted and send out samples.
Hopefully get all problems resolved in about a week.

Thank you again.

Neil J.

Re: Re: Re: Tracks from Fundamental

Hello :0)

Sooo Excited to hear you have the new single and samples !

Could you pleeeaase send me them ?

Thank You